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<b> i wanted to walk through these empty streets alone</b>

<i> but i cant my darling i love you so</i>

6 November
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has lots of extraorddinary ideas.
difficult to fathom.
strong clairvoyance.
think differently.
deep love, emotions.

I have seen a therapist_
I'm the youngest child_
I am extremely influenced by kindness_
I love to write_
I'm emotionally scarred_
I spend money I have_
I'm not good with confrontation_
I love the Backstreet Boys_
I have more than a couple horrible memories_
I'm addicted to Degrassi_
I've tried writing poetry before_
I love taking pictures_
I don't like girls who are fake_
I can be mean when I want to_
My room is painted a color other than white_
No one REALLY knows me besides God_
I am passionate about my interests_
I have had the chicken pox_
yes i have a favorite kind of water. : D ha-ha

I'm a hopeless romantic_
I feel empty sometimes_
I am no longer depressed_
I am very outgoing_
I hate ignorant people_
I love the color yellow_
I state the obvious_
I'm a happy person_
I am a very jealous person_
I like to play video games_
I am too forgiving_
I love the color blue_
I don't sew_
I don't take criticism well_
I love my family._
I am a perfectionist when it comes to certain things_
I always wanted to learn to play the drums BUT I AM NOT GOING TO!!!_
I can be too hard on myself_
I am very religious_
I still act like a little kid_
I love music_
I've been in love_
I have problems letting go of people_
I like older guys_
I get bored very easily_
My parents are divorced_
I get really anxious in big crowds of unfamiliar people

abnormalty, acting crazy, acting strange, acting suspisious, alot of blankets, art, bamboo, band shirts, being adventurous and spontaneous, being fake, being silent, being surronded by bubbles, being understood, blasting the radio, bold exciting looks, braiding gimp at camp, braking for rainbows, brand-new notebooks, brilliance, cars that go fast, chains, children when they laugh, children's toy ovens, clean fish bowls, coca-cola dispensers, cracking my knuckles, crazy kids, crying on your shoulder, daydreams, digital cameras, dimming the lights, dinner with laughter, doing your own thing, dyed hair, earings, eight hours of sleep, eight-ball, erotic pictures, erotic stories, exit signs, exploring, eyes when they twitch, falling fast, feeling hopeless, fighting over something little, first rain in spring, first snow of winter, flowers blooming, fluffy pillows, friendship, fucking things up, funny toes, getting carried away, going to a far, going to parties, gold teeth, grafitti, hair dye, having a job, headphones, highschool love, jumping on my bed, keychains with multiple keys, kissing someones cheek, knowing personal information, laughing for no reason, life savors, light beer, little trees, long phone calls, long winter weekends, looking irresistable, mashed potatoes, mazda cars, merry-go-rounds, movies, music, musicals, my middle finger, newborn babies, night time, paintboxes, peircings, personality profiles, photography, pie wedges, pinstripes, plays, pochahontas, pornography, pot smokers, purple elephants, raiding the refrigerator, rainbows after a storm, reaching for the sky, reading a good book, rhode island, rivers, rolling down a hill, rolling on the ground, round dice, running down a beach, sandboxes, sculptures, seeing happy parents, seeing the moon rise, sending your spirits soaring, sexy music, sinking in the bathtub, skirts, sledding, smeared ink, snow angels, spinning really fast, stars, sunset, swinging, swingsets, taking chances, tatoos, tears that dont stop, the lion king, the moon, the ocean, the sun, third markdowns, toddlers' vocabulary, tree houses, trees tipped over, trucks, true lasting values, tulips, tuna salad, unbrellas, uncontrollable laughter, understanding, wall storage systems, warm snow, watching others play, wearing flip flops, when friends drop in, whispering, wide pants, woven bags, yard sales